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Special Projects

Mom called and her smoke alarm is beeping for a new battery. It’s driving her nuts and she can’t make it stop. Quitealittle can help. The lightbulb in the hallway has burned out and it’s hard to see. Quitealittle can help. Dad struggles to change his hearing aid batteries each week. Sometimes he goes without them because it’s so hard. Quitealittle can help. We offer a variety of special projects that can be done on weekly visits or priced separately. Contact us if your specific project is not on the list.


Fold away hinges

Handheld shower head

Furniture lifts

Door handles

Magnetic cabinet locks

Knox box

Combination key box


Durable medical equipment

Emergency Alert setup



Computer equipment

Alexa setup


Replace batteries, light bulbs, filters…

Lubricate hinges

Adjustments and tightening fasteners

Setting clocks


Bringing in the mail

Bringing in and unpacking packages

Preparing and shipping packages

Preparing address labels for Christmas cards and other mailing

Contact us to talk about your special project.