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Safekeeping for your home

They called to say Dad was taken to the hospital! He’s going to be in rehab for a while. How can I take care of his house, get the things he needs, check the mail, and make sure nothing is damaged? Quitealittle can help.

Basic Safekeeping Checks include:

-doors locked

-windows closed

-no obvious water leaks

-furnace/AC operating as expected

-freezer/refrigerator operating

-no unexpected changes

-flush toilets and run water in drains

-collect mail/packages/papers

-report by phone, text, or email

Additional Services:

-water plants

-monitor automatic sprinklers

-scoop walks

-facilitate setup of lawn care service

-sort and deliver mail

-bring needed items to senior

Snowbird Safekeeping Checks:

-monitor home while seniors winter in warmer climates