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I’ve known Robin with Quitealittle Senior Services for 4 years. She has an amazing heart for the elderly.  Observing her tender heart toward seniors, I would have loved to have someone like Robin in 2010 when my own mom was needing help. I lived 750 miles away from her and had to depend on her to ask friends and neighbors for assistance. She never wanted to be a bother…. if Quitealittle would have been available I would have known that mom was being checked on and have help with errands,  correspondence,  technical issues.  I highly recommend Robin for all of your senior assistance needs!! -Lee Anne R.

I would highly recommend Robin with Quitealittle Senior Services to be a watchful eye for your loved one. She is trustworthy and kind. One of the most caring and patient people I know. Her elderly Mom is blessed to have a daughter like her. Robin is a jack of all trades with much to offer. I can’t tell you how many times she has helped me with my computer and other electronic devices. You should definitely give Robin a call and your loved one will be in good hands. -Janeen B.

I have worked with Robin for three years in geriatric skilled nursing and rehabilitation, as well as home health care. Robin has a quick mind and a natural ability to engineer a solution to most everything. She has a solid occupational therapy background to problem solve and assist with self care and safety in the home. Robin is skilled at assisting with geriatric physical and cognitive deficits. She is experienced in computer and tech issues. Robin is an excellent communicator and is always respectful, compassionate and caring. Robin is also very dependable. I would recommend her to anyone looking for support and assistance with senior care. -Lynne M. MS/OTR

We have had Robin Westcott as a pet sitter/caregiver on several occasions. She is such a pleasure to work with. We had her stay in our home while we were away to care for our pets. We found her to be of the highest character, reliable, and gentle. We highly recommend her and know she can be relied on in her new business. -Marcia and Bruce H.