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Family Connections

FaceTime or Video Chat

Quitealittle offers weekly visits that include assistance with FaceTime or video chats with loved ones. Families stay close. Seniors feel included in the lives of younger family members, regardless of the physical distance between them. Little ones get to know Grandpa and Grandma. They have an opportunity to build memories. Distant family can actually see and interact with their seniors. It’s hard to really know how they are over the phone. Video calls are an easy way to catch important changes in health or behavior. This fun time each week can be shared by the whole family.

Email or Social Media

Quitealittle offers weekly visits that include assistance with sending and receiving email or participating in Social Media. Today’s continual technology updates frustrate seniors and limit their success with electronic communication. Seniors who loved reading jokes and articles emailed by friends have been left behind by the move to social media. Wouldn’t it be great if Grandma could see that cute video of Susie in the talent show or Chris in the soccer game? Can you imagine Grandma posting a photo with her birthday gift that just came in the mail, or that scruffy cat that’s always on her lap?

Letters, Cards, Journals, and other Correspondence

Quitealittle weekly visits can assist with other correspondence. Has Grandma stopped sending Birthday cards? Was she an avid letter writer but now she can’t write clearly? Did Dad journal for years but stopped because of his vision? Quitealittle can help! Quitealittle can also prepare packages for mailing and bring in mail from the neighborhood mailbox.

Memory Videos

Quitealittle weekly visits can record your seniors telling about their childhood, relating funny stories from their time as young parents, and speaking directly to specific loved ones. These videos will be precious memories for years to come. Delivered as file downloads, they are easily shared with the family.