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Robin Westcott founded Quitealittle Senior Services to meet the needs of seniors who are in the difficult place between independence and the need for home healthcare. This time is characterized by fewer social interactions, less activity, and reduced ability to meet various needs. Ideally, their adult children step in to fill this gap. This becomes difficult when the adult children live in another city. No one wants their loved one to fall through the cracks. Quitealittle’s weekly visits build a trusting relationship and provide dependable assistance with the day to day difficulties that come with aging.

Robin approaches Quitealittle Senior Services from several viewpoints. She is the youngest daughter of a mom in her mid 90’s. She taught a weekly Bible study in a local retirement community for three years. She earned her college degree in 2015 specifically to work with the elderly. Her experience with many seniors over the past several years has highlighted the need for this service. Her knowledge, creativity, and heart to serve are evident in Quitealittle Senior Services.

Quitealittle Senior Services assists your loved ones in Loveland, Colorado and the surrounding area, including Fort Collins and Johnstown.