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There when you can’t be…to do the things a daughter would do

Is Mom waiting for you to stop by? Is she in that quiet house all alone? Her friends have moved away or passed on. She isn’t driving anymore. She feels so isolated.

Caring for an elderly parent from a distant city? Your struggle is all too common in this day and age. You moved across the country to follow your dreams. Now you are working, raising teenagers or grandchildren, and trying to help your aging parents from a distance. You hang up the phone as tears slip down your cheeks. Quitealittle can help.

Weekly Visits

Our weekly visits are an opportunity for your isolated senior to build a relationship and foster trust. We focus on making seniors feel listened to and valued. The scheduled visits give them something to look forward to each week. We tailor each visit to the interests of the senior. Time outside to walk or visit in the fresh air is a popular choice. Music, art, games, cooking, book discussions, and technology assistance are some options. Assistance with specific chores is always helpful.

You would do these things if you could. Quitealittle can be there when you can’t be.